Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

So over the past few weeks I have been quite busy. Along with my full time job and my 11am pole class, I have now also been given command of the noon drop in class as well. On top of that, we also have been booking quite a few private pole parties! So my Friday nights lately have been filled with ladies new to the pole and wanting to have a try. This past weekend there was a party that a promoter decided to run to get her own name out there as well as out classes and parties. This was by far the best party that I have hosted, chaperoned, whatever you want to call it! I love when the ladies don't need any coaxing to get into the spirit of the party!! I know how it is to feel self conscious about things that are new, I'm still learning along with the rest of my students. I have learned though, that I can't let what other people may say stop me from having my fun. Besides, I'm getting good at what I do :-p

Speaking of getting good at what I do, I found out last week that there will be a showcase and I'm being asked to choreograph at least 3 pieces for it by mid summer. EEP!!! Did I mention I'm not good at choreography? The good news is I will be able to practice at home soon because my new pole should be arriving on Monday, which, oddly enough is Valentine's Day. I guess maybe there will be a private show/breaking in of the pole at the house :) I'm pretty confident that I can get the pieces together by mid-summer. My goal is to go to some classes in Atlanta in order to get some ideas and also further my own knowledge. I was only going to classes for about 2 months before I was asked to teach the class myself, so I still have MUCH to learn. After I gain access to a camera and the pieces come together, I will get permission from my "students" to post clips, until then

Keep Poling!

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