Saturday, January 22, 2011

My arms and legs are sore

So, I missed last weeks post after I taught a class but there wasn't much to write about exactly. I've been working on my choreography in the last few weeks. It's my weakest point overall. If someone comes up with it and teaches it to me, I'm golden, but if I have to come up with it myself, then there is a problem. So I've been watching more than my fair share of YouTube videos and dancing like crazy around the house. Yesterday I received a crazy look as my home was entered and there was a pole in the middle of the floor.

So last week I had to come up with a few 8 counts to get my one student moving. I came up with some moves on the fly and it actually turned out nice. So, this week with another two students (for a total of three!) raring to go, I taught the same choreography to everyone. To say that I came up with it so quickly and had two students who only learned the beginning in less than an hour, it was wonderful. It works so much better when there's more than two people doing it. So I'm guess this is going to be our piece for the showcase that's coming up.

If I can manage to find my charger for my camera then I will try to have a little video of where we are so far up in the next couple of weeks. As the time goes by, I get more and more excited about this class and where it can go. I also picked out a song for myself which I'm not going to tell many people about. Let's just say it's going to be my tribute piece.

That's all for now!
Keep Poling!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm posting this up and you may see that every now and then when it gets too far to the bottom I will post again. Don't hate me for the repetition, I just love my friends and they are extremely talented. With that said here goes:

The man to watch out for on the music scene: Mystery
If you aren't ready to hear some real shyt then you might as well not even click the link. I plan to use some of his music for my routines if he doesn't mind! :) I've know this cat since middle school and he's one of the best MEN I know!

Also my friend Moonshine Bonanza who dances at Deja Vu in New Orleans. You can catch her and her crazy gypsy boots here:
She is one of the coolest chicks I know AND SHE'S A STRIPPER!!!! Gotta love that right?!

I think that's all for now. I'm still creating a website for this as well so stay tunes!

You too can pole!!

When I mention pole dancing and invite ladies to come, I hear all so often that they think they are "too big" to dance on the pole. My first comment to those of you who say that is "stop with the self deprication", the second is "anybody can pole dance". Despite what you may see other people do, pole is not simply about flipping upside down and being able to let go. It involves sensual movement AROUND the pole too. Outside of competitions, I have never seen a performance where all the dancer did was tricks on the pole. While it does allow you a show of strength, the actual floorwork is important too. So being able to look good while working around the pole is key.

With that being said, I'm about 125 pounds and I have been this weight for quite some time. I always look at "thick" girls with a bit of envy because they have curves to flaunt. I took a belly dancing class and there were some bigger ladies and I was so jealous because they actually had hips and ass to shake and shimmy. It's 10 times harder for me to make the same move look good.

With that being said, I want no more excuses. If you want to pole dance, DO IT!! Stop with this, I'm too big because not only is your size fine, but one of the other instructors had a lady that was close to 400 lbs who was able to climb the pole, no problem.

So here we go: I currently teach the 11am class on Saturday mornings at Chattanooga-Dancesport . It's listed as intermediate but any level is welcome. There is also a 12 noon class that is taught my another instructor and sometimes myself. Wednesday night has a 9pm class and also new is a beginners burlesque class at 8pm.

If you have any question you can email me at amd I will get back to you. The website also has the number for the studio. If you call there ask for Rhonda she can give you details. This is my second job so I'm not always at the studio!

Keep Poling!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Blog Post...Ever!

So I decided to go ahead and start a blog. I've wanted to do this but there is nothing in my "normal" life that I feel is interesting enough for someone to take the time to read about. So, my not so normal life has just recently come to include a second job as.. a pole fitness instructor. For many of you, the first thing that came to mind was STRIPPING! And you would be wrong in the way that I don't remove any clothing, but right in the way that you have to have that sensual mentality in order to make the moves look good.

After I started looking around on the Internet for videos I came across videos for competitions where woman did moves on poles and they were AMAZING. Here is a video of the World Pole Dance Champion, Felix:

This is what got me excited about pole fitness, I love to dance and this was something that not everyone was doing. I would be something that allowed me to stand out, and use my creativity. So I looked for some classes and happened to find a studio locally that offered them. I was nervous for my first class because I was thinking that I would get there and it would be a class full of people who knew about this before I did and they would be out spinning me. It was the complete opposite, I was the only person that showed up for the noon class and there had only been one person in the 11am class. The instructor showed me how to approach a pole and then she told me to take five minutes to move around the pole by myself.

I felt like a fool walking around the pole and then just hanging there like a monkey who couldn't quite figure it out. Apparently despite the way I thought I looked, I actually showed some aptitude and after being shown the mechanics of some of the moves was able to pick it up rather quickly. Fast forward 2 months and more people have started coming to the class and the instructor has hyped us up to learn routines and possibly go and compete in Atlanta. I end up hurting my wrist and not being able to attend classes for about a month and was quite upset about it. Once I healed, I show up back to class only to find that the instructor has flaked out and they haven't even been holding her class for about a month or so. I was so shocked to learn that in the time it took me to heal and be able to dance again, I would no longer be able to progress in my classes.

This is when the surprise came, I was asked to be the new instructor instead. They had been watching me and saw that I was picking it up and could progress to a level where I could teach classes for them. So I agreed to be their instructor and they are going to get me certified as in instructor in Atlanta in exchange for 6 months to a year or working exclusively with them. That's fine with me!

So all that to say, stay tuned because as I start to teach classes and go through my certifications, I will be posting to keep you updated. Maybe even videos and pictures if I get brave enough :)