Saturday, January 8, 2011

You too can pole!!

When I mention pole dancing and invite ladies to come, I hear all so often that they think they are "too big" to dance on the pole. My first comment to those of you who say that is "stop with the self deprication", the second is "anybody can pole dance". Despite what you may see other people do, pole is not simply about flipping upside down and being able to let go. It involves sensual movement AROUND the pole too. Outside of competitions, I have never seen a performance where all the dancer did was tricks on the pole. While it does allow you a show of strength, the actual floorwork is important too. So being able to look good while working around the pole is key.

With that being said, I'm about 125 pounds and I have been this weight for quite some time. I always look at "thick" girls with a bit of envy because they have curves to flaunt. I took a belly dancing class and there were some bigger ladies and I was so jealous because they actually had hips and ass to shake and shimmy. It's 10 times harder for me to make the same move look good.

With that being said, I want no more excuses. If you want to pole dance, DO IT!! Stop with this, I'm too big because not only is your size fine, but one of the other instructors had a lady that was close to 400 lbs who was able to climb the pole, no problem.

So here we go: I currently teach the 11am class on Saturday mornings at Chattanooga-Dancesport . It's listed as intermediate but any level is welcome. There is also a 12 noon class that is taught my another instructor and sometimes myself. Wednesday night has a 9pm class and also new is a beginners burlesque class at 8pm.

If you have any question you can email me at amd I will get back to you. The website also has the number for the studio. If you call there ask for Rhonda she can give you details. This is my second job so I'm not always at the studio!

Keep Poling!

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