Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Blog Post...Ever!

So I decided to go ahead and start a blog. I've wanted to do this but there is nothing in my "normal" life that I feel is interesting enough for someone to take the time to read about. So, my not so normal life has just recently come to include a second job as.. a pole fitness instructor. For many of you, the first thing that came to mind was STRIPPING! And you would be wrong in the way that I don't remove any clothing, but right in the way that you have to have that sensual mentality in order to make the moves look good.

After I started looking around on the Internet for videos I came across videos for competitions where woman did moves on poles and they were AMAZING. Here is a video of the World Pole Dance Champion, Felix:

This is what got me excited about pole fitness, I love to dance and this was something that not everyone was doing. I would be something that allowed me to stand out, and use my creativity. So I looked for some classes and happened to find a studio locally that offered them. I was nervous for my first class because I was thinking that I would get there and it would be a class full of people who knew about this before I did and they would be out spinning me. It was the complete opposite, I was the only person that showed up for the noon class and there had only been one person in the 11am class. The instructor showed me how to approach a pole and then she told me to take five minutes to move around the pole by myself.

I felt like a fool walking around the pole and then just hanging there like a monkey who couldn't quite figure it out. Apparently despite the way I thought I looked, I actually showed some aptitude and after being shown the mechanics of some of the moves was able to pick it up rather quickly. Fast forward 2 months and more people have started coming to the class and the instructor has hyped us up to learn routines and possibly go and compete in Atlanta. I end up hurting my wrist and not being able to attend classes for about a month and was quite upset about it. Once I healed, I show up back to class only to find that the instructor has flaked out and they haven't even been holding her class for about a month or so. I was so shocked to learn that in the time it took me to heal and be able to dance again, I would no longer be able to progress in my classes.

This is when the surprise came, I was asked to be the new instructor instead. They had been watching me and saw that I was picking it up and could progress to a level where I could teach classes for them. So I agreed to be their instructor and they are going to get me certified as in instructor in Atlanta in exchange for 6 months to a year or working exclusively with them. That's fine with me!

So all that to say, stay tuned because as I start to teach classes and go through my certifications, I will be posting to keep you updated. Maybe even videos and pictures if I get brave enough :)

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