Saturday, January 22, 2011

My arms and legs are sore

So, I missed last weeks post after I taught a class but there wasn't much to write about exactly. I've been working on my choreography in the last few weeks. It's my weakest point overall. If someone comes up with it and teaches it to me, I'm golden, but if I have to come up with it myself, then there is a problem. So I've been watching more than my fair share of YouTube videos and dancing like crazy around the house. Yesterday I received a crazy look as my home was entered and there was a pole in the middle of the floor.

So last week I had to come up with a few 8 counts to get my one student moving. I came up with some moves on the fly and it actually turned out nice. So, this week with another two students (for a total of three!) raring to go, I taught the same choreography to everyone. To say that I came up with it so quickly and had two students who only learned the beginning in less than an hour, it was wonderful. It works so much better when there's more than two people doing it. So I'm guess this is going to be our piece for the showcase that's coming up.

If I can manage to find my charger for my camera then I will try to have a little video of where we are so far up in the next couple of weeks. As the time goes by, I get more and more excited about this class and where it can go. I also picked out a song for myself which I'm not going to tell many people about. Let's just say it's going to be my tribute piece.

That's all for now!
Keep Poling!!

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